Bidet Converter Kit

Bidets are a replacement for toilet paper. They are effective in helping to maintain a more sanitary bathroom. 

So if you are more conscientious than ever before about keeping yourself clean, want to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and boost your hygiene without making any substantial changes to your routine? Then, a bidet converter kit is your best bet. 

Adding a bidet attachment to an existing toilet can transform it into a bidet seat in no time and without breaking the bank. Read on to find out why a bidet converter kit is a good investment!

Bidet: What Does It Mean? 

A bidet is a hygienic toilet accessory that looks like a little toilet. A bidet’s primary function is to aid in personal hygiene by washing the genitalia with water. The current model has a water supply and a drain hole that must be plumbed in, making it a plumbing fixture that must adhere to local sanitation regulations. 

Use it before getting sexually active or after you’ve gone to the bathroom to promote cleanliness. Having a bidet is now mandated by law in many developed countries that use toilet bowls in public restrooms.

What Makes a Bidet Converter Kit a Good Option?

Although there are many advantages to using a bidet. Some of the most compelling are financial savings, enhanced personal cleanliness, and less environmental impact due to reduced toilet paper consumption. Let’s examine these advantages one by one:

1. Spending Less

Many Americans spend hundreds of dollars a year on toilet paper. But you can stop using most toilet paper, thanks to bidet converter kits! Long-term financial savings aside, you’ll also lessen your environmental impact.

2. Increasing Hygiene 

Although it’s not ideal, toilet paper does a decent job managing our messes when we use the restroom. However, bidet seats are far more effective at cleaning and can aid in preventing fungal infections, urinary infections, and other hygiene-related issues.

3. Environmental Protection

Toilet paper is among the most widely used items in the world, yet producing it requires a lot of resources. Using a bidet converter kit can lessen your environmental impact using less toilet paper. A bidet will also aid in lowering the usage of wet toilet paper. These typically contain polyethylene and are, therefore, harmful to the environment. Additionally, they obstruct water filtration devices.

Tips for Purchasing a Bidet Converter Kit

It might be challenging to sort through all the options and settle on the most suitable bidet seat or bidet accessory for your toilet. After all, picking out a bidet converter kit involves weighing many options and features. So, in this order, we’ll focus on a few key aspects to determine the best options.

1. A Bidet-Compatible Model of the Bathroom Toilet 

It is recommended that you verify the compatibility of your toilet seat with the bidet of your choice before investing in the bidet seat attachment. If you’re unsure whether you need a round or an extended bidet seat, measuring the diameter of your toilet bowl is an excellent place to start. The toilet you already have will significantly impact the type of bidet seat you buy.

2. Check Out the Types of Bidets: Mechanical and Electric

A mechanical, non-electric bidet is recommended if there is no available electrical outlet near the toilet. A mechanical bidet seat is also simpler to install. On the other hand, electronic bidet seats are the way to go if you want to splurge in the bathroom.

3. Its Purification Wash for Women 

You should also be on the lookout for a feminine wash. This function allows the nozzle to swivel, allowing it to be shifted a few inches from its original position. This ensures that it is accessible to people of all genders and is not limited to one. In addition, having a female roommate means you can forgo purchasing a second toilet seat and bidet attachment.

4. The Bidet Conversion Kit is Reasonably Priced 

Attachments for toilet seats that function as bidets can be either cheap or very expensive. Mechanical, non-electric bidet chairs and even hand-held bidet sprays are available for those on a tighter budget. However, if money is not an issue, electric bidet seat accessories are a better option.


1. If I Use a Cold Water Bidet Converter Kit, Will the Water Spray be Cold? 

No. The temperature of the spraying water can be adjusted on all but the most inexpensive bidets. This means you can experience a chilly spray to cool yourself on a hot day or a warm spray to relax your muscles after a long one.

2. How About After Using A Bidet—is It Necessary to Wipe it Down? 

No. A bidet’s main advantage is that it may be used without additional cleaning materials, such as toilet paper. To fully appreciate the benefits of utilizing a bidet, you should stand up immediately after using it, especially if it has a warm air dryer built in. Towels can come in handy for drying off when you feel sweaty or have sensitive skin.

3. Do Poop-spraying Bidet Converter Kits Exist? 

No. The target of the bidet’s spray is the space between your legs, not your anus. Therefore, no water pressure would be sufficient to launch poop into the air.


In addition to addressing hygiene and cost concerns, a bidet and converter kit can completely transform your bathroom routine. From potentially terrifying to secure and pleasant, the experience is completely transformed. Change how you feel about using the bathroom forever by purchasing a bidet converter kit or full bidet setup!

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